InterConsult - more than meets the eye
We can do much more for you than just provide you with a market survey.
We will assist you in finding financing for your project and can represent you as your agent in the overseas market you are targeting. Get in touch and discuss your needs with us.


" Ulrich is a very experienced senior manager, a good motivator and coach and
acted as my mentor. We worked together on attracting foreign investments into Australia and had great times at work conferences. He has sense of humour and patience, we communicated openly and shared all the emotions and enthusiasm related with our work. I still remember our happiness on a phone call announcing a 1.5 BL AUD project, for which he sent me a bottle of cachaca that I still save as a great memory.”
July 21, 2008
Deborah Ponzio, Business Development Manager, Australian Trade Commission,

“Ulrich is an extremely capable and refined businessman with extensive business acumen and an eye for detail. He has extensive knowledge of operational processes both in multi-national and SME organizations. Ulrich's capability to communicate at all levels is superb, enriched by his ability in and mastery of several languages. I have no hesitation in recommending him and the services that he provides.” July 11, 2008
Walter Gheller, Trade Commissioner and Consul General, Australian Trade
Commission, Brazil


Industrial trade fairs are still a very important feature of doing business in Europe. Specialised trade fairs are held for virtually every industry in many locations. It is easy to meet a large number of potential business partners, suppliers and customers in a short time, be it as a visitor or exhibitor.
The key to a successful trade fair participation is to 'do your homework' beforehand. We will help you determine which is the best trade fair to attend and will contact potential suppliers and clients before the event. If desired we will assist in operating a stand staffed with multilingual, qualified staff and will follow up business leads after the event.

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